Looking for Counselling/Psychotherapy support? 

I am available to talk to clients by phone, video, Whatsapp, FaceTime, and face to face (where local circumstances permit it) – whichever suits you best at this time.

For remote sessions, at an agreed time, you will need to set aside up to an hour. You will need to be somewhere you can speak freely – without being overheard. You may be thinking ‘that doesn’t sound much use’ – and I would say, why not give it a try?

If you are a new client and our conversation turns out to be of no help OR of any use to you, then I will not ask for a fee. We are all living through strange times, when knowing and finding what is most important to us can be impossible, difficult or distressing.

I am committed to offering Counselling which is useful & helpful – and adapted to your circumstances and means. Whatever you decide, your first call to me is free of charge. We will get through this together, each of us doing our bit, wherever we can.

What is counselling?

Counselling (or Psychotherapy) is a ‘talking therapy’ – it is simply 2 people talking together, in confidence, in private.

What will we talk about?

Simply: whatever is going on for you. Perhaps a particular difficulty, anxiety, trauma, pain, loss, separation, inability, a relationship, depression – anything that matters to you.

I believe we all have the potential to succeed on our own terms. I work with my clients to understand what is going on for them – what helps, what doesn’t and what they want to change.  The therapy I practice grows from your self-knowledge, from being helped to speak, from being heard, from having the chance to speak and talk privately, freely and fearlessly.

Through counselling, you can recover your self-worth, value your ambitions and challenge yourself to succeed by becoming the person you want to be. Whoever that is.


What are my qualifications?

MSc (Merit) Person Centred Experiential Psychotherapy
UKCP Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Registered Member BACP
Post-Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Trauma Practice

BA (Honours) Humanities
Diploma in Social Work
Certificate in Education



Let’s talk

If you’d like to talk to understand more about what counselling can offer you, please get in touch.